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julissa · mairenea

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Alright so I'm going to start documenting all of my craft projects on this journal. There will probably be some "friends only" personal posts too..so get on that!

Anyway, I just started up my etsy shop where I will mostly be selling the panties I make.
I am SO excited about this, etsy rules.

I'm currently working on updating everything, I will start listing today. Besides posting all of the undies I'll be making in the future I'm also currently working on these projects:

-top secret super-awesome birthday projects (those will be friends only 'till i'm finished)

-days of the week undies swap on craftster

-anatomy zine

-perfecting my boxer and brief patterns

-letter rings

SWEET! Okay time to get back to work
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"You know in school you were the George Washington of nerds, now it looks like you're the nerd Benedict Arnold."
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